Land Wanted

land wanted

Land Wanted

Due to constant demand from clients we are always looking for land of all types and sizes that have development potential.

There are many and varied types of land sites that have such potential all of which are of great interest to developers, examples of which are outlined below.

Should you feel your land could be of interest please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

I would be delighted to speak with you on a free, no obligation basis and provide as much help and assistance as I can.

Existing Residential

Existing Residential

Replacement of, addition to or conversion of existing property with either a single or multiple units. Properties set on large plots, with wide or long gardens or corner plots or several adjoining neighbours properties together are always sought after.

Commercial Properties

Office blocks, pubs, garages, nursing homes, petrol stations, warehouses, conference centres are always of interest to residential developers.

planning history

Planning History

Land with planning permission granted already, planning application in process, lapsed or refused are often highly desirable opportunities.

Strategic Land

Strategic Land

Agricultural land and fields often next to existing towns or villages or situated in the anticipated path of future residential development.

Agricultural Buildings

Many are suitable for conversion in to residential homes.


Brownfield Land

Land previously used for industrial purposes that is vacant or derelict which may be or suspected to be contaminated in some way. Generally found in urban locations.